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Title: Belmont Tunnelz OldSchool Poster 
I found a box of these old Belmont posters I made years ago. I'm making the rest of them available. 
-This poster is signed in the bottom right corner in silver pen. 
-Poster comes with 3 hand signed Saber stickers.
This poster is based on a landscape painting I did inspired by a night time photograph my father took over 20 years ago. Belmont Tunnels was an important place for the City Of Los Angeles not just for at one point being the heart of the transit system but for what the environment slowly degraded into, allowing us to paint competitive wildstyle graffiti pieces. Belmont was a dangerous yet mysterious place to experience, especially at night. Once I had the fortitude to paint big beautiful pieces on the front walls I knew I had gone through an important mile stone as a graffiti writer and earned my Write Of Passage as an Angeleno. Rest In Peace Belmont Tunnelz.....

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