Described as one of “the best and most respected artists in his field” by the Washington Post, Saber, also known as Ryan Weston Shook, is an American fine artist who originated as graffiti artist. Rising to international fame at the age 21, Saber created the world’s largest graffiti piece on the bank of the LA River, which was visible and documented by satellites in space. He, over years of dedicated and often dangerous painting helped bring public awareness to the true Art form of graffiti. His work has influenced a generation of artists and graphic designers, and has become an influential part of modern entertainment, social media, and art for and involved in social reform. He continues to make his vibrant, mesmerizing and often political paintings from his home in Los Angeles with his wife and two young children. His art can be found in galleries and private collections around the world. Meanwhile he continues to create public conversation about and push the boundaries of what art should (or shouldn’t) be confined to.

Selected Exhibits:

2016 Grand Opening, Allouche Gallery, New York, NY
2015 Secret Walls and POW! WOW! Hawaii Street Art Festival, Honolulu, Hawaii 2014
2013 Four month painting residency and solo art show, The Outsiders Gallery, London, England
2013 Tempest Group Pop Up Show, Opera Gallery, Miami Art Basel, FL
2012 Streetart And Los Angeles: Futura and Saber give Hennessy Executives Tour,
2012 Beautification Duel Show with Revok, Known Gallery, Los Angeles, CA 2012 Letters From America art show with Ron English, Gallery/Space?
2012 Graff The Peace!Graff The War! Group show, Opera Gallery at the former Laennec Military (Hospital Saint Germain Des Pres) Paris, France
2012 Two week painting residency for Nuart Festival – Live mural painting event with Ron English, Stravenger, Norway
2012 #DefendTheArts, Saber Skywriting Campaign Over New York, NY 2011 Underbelly Paris, Secret Underground Painting Collaboration Under
2011 #ArtIsNotACrime, Saber Skywriting Campaign Over Los Angeles, CA 2011 UnderBelly Project Group Show 2011, Art Basel Miami,
2011 The American Graffiti Artist Solo Show, Opera Gallery, New York, NY 2011 Art In The Streets Museum Exhibition, MOCA LA, Los Angeles, CA
2011 Street Cred Group exhibition, Pasadena Museum Of California Art, Pasadena, CA

Selected Press:

2014 Rachel Spence, “Graffiti Artist Saber”, Financial Times
2013 Pricilla Frank, “10 Unconventional Flags That Make Us Proud To Be An American”, Huffington Post
2012 Sam Parker, “Saber, World-Renowned Veteran of LA Street Art, On Winding up Fox News And Why He’s taking The Fight To Mitt Romney”, Taking his fight Fox news and Mitt Romney”,
2012 “Saber Tags The Sky Over NYC to Defend Arts and Bash Romney”, Brooklyn Streetart/ Huffington Post
2012 “Only In America”, Huffington Post
2011 Andrew Reilly, “Saber Fights To Lift Mural Ban In LA”, Huffington Post
2011 “Saber Contributes Giant Flag To Occupy LA”, Huffington Post
2010 Gingko Press, Saber Mad Society Book

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