"RED AND BLACK" Limited Hand Touched

$ 300.00

This Serigraph Edition was an experiment. I drew black scribbles, splats and spray-marks onto the clear film. Then scanned and zoomed way into some of these tiny accidental characteristics. I stumbled on to this smooth beautiful saturated red paper that felt perfect for this print.

This edition includes three split fountains, hand scratched, pencil, and hand spray-painted accents as well as hand embellished gold foil. Shit, I even hand deckled half the edition with master printer John Miner. I couldn't keep my hands off this thing. This print feels like a jewel in person. These photos don't do justice, really vibrant. Because the paper was smooth there is a lot of really nice texture interacting with the printed layers.

-This print is part of the Hand Touched Multiple Series with hand painted elements.

-Disclosure: Every print and hand touched HPM's are different from the next. Between the hand embellishments and split fountains each print and HPM including gold embellishment has variations. 


-Size: 18 x 24 Inches

-Red And Black Hand Touched Edition: 14 all together, only 4 of this version is available.

-Medium: 4-Color Serigraph Ultra-Red Fine Art Paper, Three Split Fountains, With Gold Foil Embellishment, Hand Done Spraypaint Fade, Hand Scratched Accents, Incorporated Signature With Pencil, Solid Pigment Oil Sticks, Spraypaint

- Hand Deckled Edge

-Signed And Numbered.

-Comes With COA