Black On Black.... Limited Hand Painted Series

$ 400.00

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This original series is hand painted on very thick unique rubber coated paper.

- I hand painted each piece using black screen printer ink which tends to dry thick as if it was embossed.

- 19" X  25" approx.

- Limited 10 pieces in this series

- Numbered in bottom corner with pencil

- Hand deckled edge


- Each piece is unique and slightly different from the other.

- Photo's in store vary in color due to reflective surfaces.




As apposed to utilizing my unique handstyles for just graffiti names,  I was inspired to search for something different. There is power in these letters especially when using a quote as the main content. The search for inspiration from these quotes has led me down the path of discovery. This is the 5th quote inspired piece and is a series I will continue to engage .....  

"I'm As Mad As Hell And I'm Not Going To Take This Anymore"... This famous quote from the 1976 movie "Network" really fits the current state of things, especially surrounding this insane 2016 Election......

"I didn't realize how this rant could be so relevant and prophetic 40 years later. What would Howard Beale say today"?.....

Here is a link to the famous scene.....